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  • Omni Tip™ Hybrid Probes

Omni Tip™ Hybrid Probes

The new Omni Tip™ Hybrid Homogenizer Probes combine the convenience of disposable plastic probes with the durability of traditional stainless steel probes.

Hybrid homogenizer probes are made up of an outer stainless steel tube with an inner UltemTM plastic shaft. UltemTM is used in medical and chemical instrumentation due to its heat, solvent and flame resistance.The plastic shafts can either be disposed of after use or cleaned and reused multiple times. The simple two-piece design makes these probes much easier to clean and disassemble than traditional stainless steel homogenizer probes.

Omni Tip Hybrid Probes are ideal for applications where chemical compatibility issues are a factor. Our Hybrid Probes are compatible with most chemical compounds including trizol, chloroform, and phenol.

Processing Range: 0.25 ml to 30 ml
Diameter x Length: 7 mm x 110 mm
Compatible with: Omni TH, Micro Homogenizer, ThQ, GLH and all automation equipment

Items Ref. No. Package Price ex. VAT VAT  
7mm Omni Tip™ Hybrid Probe (Stainless Steel & Plastic) 22-007 1 pc € 573.00 21 % Buy

Content: Includes one 7 mm x 195 mm Probe and 2 replacement shafts.

7 mm Omni Tip™ Hybrid Probe 22-007-6 6 pcs € 3 004.00 21 % Buy

Content: Includes six 7 mm x 195 mm Probes and 12 replacement shafts. 

Omni Hybrid Probe Hard Tissue Replacement Shafts 301725HT 25 pcs € 185.20 21 % Buy

Content: 25 hard tissue replacement inner shafts for Omni Tip Hybrid Probes.

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