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Fecal DNA Purification Kit
  • Fecal DNA Purification Kit

Fecal DNA Purification Kit

The Fecal DNA Purification Kit contains silica based spin-capture columns and nontoxic reagents. The optimized reagents are designed specifically for microbial genomic DNA extraction from stool and urine. After sample lysis using the Omni pre-filled bead beating tubes, microbial DNA is separated from PCR inhibitors such as humic compounds. Microbial DNA is then purified through spin-column capture. Genomic DNA purified using the Omni Fecal DNA Kit is ready for downstream applications such as PCR, southern blots and restriction enzyme digestion.

Product Features

  • Complete DNA purification kit including spin-columns and nontoxic reagents
  • Effective removal of PCR inhibitors including humic compounds
  • Microbial DNA isolation from a variety of organisms including, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Isolation of pure DNA from up to 250 mg stool, biosolids, gut material and urine
  • Rapid sample disruption with 0.5 mm glass beads
  • Recover up to 25 µg DNA per filter

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Fecal DNA Purification Kit Manual

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